Insider’s Revelation: Hunter Biden’s China Venture Exposed!

A recent review of Hunter Biden’s emails by Fox News Digital has unearthed troubling ties with a Chinese tycoon, Che Feng. In 2011, Hunter boasted to his business partner, Devon Archer, about Feng’s fascination with his “last name” and penchant for being in the company of “handsome godlike Aryan men.”

These emails shed light on the role Feng played in securing a profitable partnership between Hunter’s firm, Rosemont Seneca Partners, and James Bulger’s firm, Thornton Group LLC, with Jonathan Li’s firm, Bohai Capital. This partnership led to the establishment of Bohai Harvest RST (BHR), under the control of Bank of China Limited.

Archer’s testimony before the House Oversight and Accountability Committee added fuel to the fire, implying that Biden had interactions with Li while serving as vice president and even provided a college recommendation letter for Li’s daughter.

The 2011 email thread also revealed Feng’s interest in involving other Chinese companies backed by the CCP in the venture, presenting a potential boost to their firm’s credibility.

Hunter’s claim that Feng admired him for his last name and association with “handsome Aryan godlike men” may seem peculiar, but it certainly merits investigation.

The emails also showed Hunter’s intent to share the venture’s benefits equally with Archer, consolidating their partnership.

These revelations demand a closer look at the Biden family’s business dealings in China. As conservative opinion writers, we believe in upholding the values of transparency and accountability in our political system. Let us continue to scrutinize and hold our leaders responsible for their actions.

Source Fox News