General UNLEASHES On Biden And You’ll Never Guess Why

Passionate Republican voters who have been following the recent NATO address made by President Biden might be wondering if the current administration has what it takes to lead the country and its allies in times of crisis.

As a recent Fox News report highlights, the speech was all show, and it did little to address the root of the problem – NATO members’ lack of funding for defense.

According to retired Lt. Gen. Keith Kellogg, a national security adviser to former President Trump, NATO members who fail to provide 2% of their GDP to defense are not in a position to defend themselves or the alliance against an attack.

This is because Article 3, which requires NATO countries to fund their defense sufficiently, goes hand in glove with Article 5, which stipulates that an attack on any NATO member is an attack on all, requiring a joint response.

While Biden’s message about a strong and unified NATO may sound reassuring, Kellogg pointed out that about 20 of the 30 allied countries are unprepared to fulfill a call for aid.

This includes Germany, France, Spain, and Italy, which are among the least prepared. Kellogg added that Biden’s speech was a diversion because he hasn’t come up with a plan to help end the war between Russia and Ukraine, and instead used rhetoric to talk about NATO and Article 5.

It’s important to note that under President Trump, NATO allies began to increase their defense budgets after he talked about their unfunded military establishment from the bully pulpit. In contrast, President Biden’s speech does little to address the current crisis, and there is no clear policy on how to end the war.

Passionate Republican voters who care about the security and well-being of the country and its allies must pay attention to these developments.

As Kellogg said, the United States spends nearly 4% of its GDP on defense, and the Baltic countries, Poland, and Britain are the most prepared to act swiftly and effectively if Article 5 is invoked.

This means that the current administration must prioritize defense funding and work towards ensuring that all NATO members fulfill their commitment to fund their defense well enough to defend themselves and the collective alliance against an attack.

In conclusion, passionate Republican voters must stay vigilant and demand that the current administration does more to address the lack of funding for defense among NATO members.

President Biden’s speech was all show, and it did little to reassure allies or address the root of the problem. It’s time for action, not rhetoric, and the United States must lead by example when it comes to funding defense and protecting the country and its allies.