Squatters’ PLAGUE, You’ll be Devastated To Know How Property Owners Suffering

First Lady Jill Biden recently watched LSU defeat Iowa in the women’s basketball national championship game, and afterward, she hoped to invite both teams to the White House.

The Tigers pulled away from the Hawkeyes in the fourth quarter of the matchup to win 102-85, and in the aftermath of the game all anyone could talk about was Angel Reese’s celebration in the face of Caitlin Clark and the questionable officiating.

Biden praised Iowa’s sportsmanship and said she would tell the president both teams should get a White House visit. However, her idea was immediately panned on social media, with LSU star Angel Reese leading the charge. Reese quote-tweeted an ESPN write-up with three laughing emojis and two words: “A JOKE.” She was not the only one to criticize Biden’s invitation.

While some may see this as a harmless gesture by the first lady, others see it as a political statement. In a country where sports have become increasingly politicized, the invitation to both teams has sparked controversy. Some believe that Biden’s invitation is a way to curry favor with both sides, while others believe it is an attempt to show support for women’s sports.

Regardless of the intent behind Biden’s invitation, it has sparked a heated debate on social media and beyond. While some see it as a way to bring the country together, others see it as a political statement that could further divide the country.

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