What Biden Just Demanded on Twitter Will SHOCK You And It Won’t Be The Last Time

Once again, President Joe Biden has taken to Twitter, demanding that Congress ban assault weapons across the United States. This call to action has been met with widespread backlash from conservatives and gun rights supporters who view it as an infringement on their Second Amendment rights.

Ryan Petty, the founder of the WalkUp Foundation and a father who tragically lost his daughter in the Parkland shooting, responded to Biden’s tweet, asserting that increased gun control would not make students safer. Defense attorney Marina Medvin also weighed in, reminding the President and Congress of their constitutional responsibilities.

While a few Twitter users attempted to defend Biden’s position, the majority of commenters expressed their disapproval of the proposed ban. Former Republican Congressional candidate Jack Lombardi II cited the Second Amendment directly in his response, arguing that the right to bear arms should not be violated.

Biden’s rhetoric has also drawn criticism from female gun owners. In a video published by the NRA, a group of women addressed the President, stating, “Dear Joe Biden. We aren’t terrorists. We aren’t the enemy. We’re the good guys.”