You’ll Be Shocked To Know The Troubles of This Energy Source

Hydropower, a key source of renewable energy in the United States, is facing significant regulatory challenges that threaten its reliability and stability.

The National Hydropower Association (NHA) and energy developers are raising concerns about the complex and time-consuming licensing process, which discourages new projects and puts existing facilities at risk. The lengthy process, involving multiple federal agencies, leads to uncertainty and potential shutdowns.

A survey shows that a third of hydropower facility owners are considering decommissioning or surrendering their licenses. Urgent reforms are needed to streamline permitting and ensure a reliable energy supply for millions of Americans.


  1. Hydropower is a vital part of America’s renewable energy sector, providing nearly 80,000 megawatts of power.
  2. Regulatory hurdles faced by hydropower are greater than those encountered by other renewable energy sources.
  3. The licensing process for new hydropower projects takes around five years while relicensing for existing facilities can take up to eight years.
  4. Multiple federal agencies are involved in the permitting process, causing delays and uncertainties.
  5. Without permitting reforms, hydropower facilities may shut down, and energy developers may seek investments elsewhere, jeopardizing the power supply for millions of Americans.

The challenges facing hydropower demand immediate attention and action. Regulatory reforms are essential to streamline the licensing process and ensure a reliable energy supply.

Hydropower’s dispatchable nature and its ability to fill gaps during high-demand or low-supply periods make it a crucial component of our energy mix.

It’s time for bipartisan cooperation and a focus on supporting hydropower to drive economic growth, create jobs, and provide clean, affordable electricity for our nation.

Source Fox News