Trump Drops a BOMBSHELL, You’ll Be Surprised About What

President Biden’s comments about the Nord Stream pipeline have come back to haunt him, as Republicans question whether the Biden administration is behind the recent pipeline explosion.

During an interview with Fox News’s Tucker Carlson, former President Donald Trump suggested that the Biden administration may have been involved in the explosion, citing Biden’s warning in September 2022 that the US could end the pipeline’s supply if Russia invaded Ukraine.

While there is no evidence to support these claims, they have raised concerns about our energy security and the potential for political gamesmanship. The Nord Stream pipeline is a vital source of energy for Europe, and any disruption to its supply could have serious consequences.

It is essential that we remain vigilant and take steps to protect our energy security.

We cannot afford to be beholden to foreign sources of energy, and we must ensure that our energy supply remains secure, regardless of any geopolitical tensions or conflicts.